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PG&E Coworkers on COVID-19 Series

They’ve felt anxiety, fear, loss, frustration and, most consistently, concern for their families.

But all of them told us they were proud of how PG&E, as a company and as a community, has handled the crisis. We’d like to share what our coworkers have told us about living and working through the pandemic and now, getting the vaccine. Each week we’ll feature three of their stories so check back frequently. If you have a story to tell us about the last 14 months or a personal thought about getting the vaccine, we hope you’ll share that with us via email at

PG&E Employee

Protecting Other People

“I got my vaccination to protect other people. I think over this past year, I’ve been able to witness a lot of people suffering—my father was in the ICU two months ago. I was able to see how many people were affected by it, so that’s why I chose to get the vaccination as soon as I could.”

- Randy Uda, Field Services Manager

PG&E Employee

Quite a Journey

“It’s been a journey I never thought I would experience in my lifetime. I got the vaccination because I want to protect myself, but also because I want to protect my family members too. If anyone’s uncertain about taking the vaccine, I would say talk to your doctor, talk to medical professionals, see what they have to say. But I’m here to tell you that it was fine to take the vaccine. ”

- Cheryl Marcelli-McClain, Division Operations Specialist

PG&E Employee

At Ease

“It’s our shot to get back to a Warrior’s game. When I got my first injection, I did not feel anything, so I was surprised when the nurse said I was done. The whole process was seamless: I walked in, I checked in, I got the shot, they monitored me. The feeling walking out was something I had not felt in 13 months—just a sense of my mind at ease.”

- Brandon Fosselman, Customer Service Representative