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Connect with qualified professionals who will work with you to discover how to make your house more energy efficient and complete your home upgrade. All contractors and raters in PG&E's database have been trained to guide you through the Energy Upgrade California® Home Upgrade process and work with you to maximize your energy savings.
  1. Enter your location and contact one of the listed contractors or raters to schedule an energy assessment or in-home consultation.
  2. Work with your contractor or rater to put together a customized project plan and set a budget.
  3. Your contractor completes the Home Upgrade application and your contractor or rater reserves your rebate.

Both can perform a full assessment of your home and submit the required paperwork to the program on your behalf. Only a participating contractor can do the actual installation work. If you choose to use a rater to perform testing and job documentation for you, you can choose from among participating contractors to perform the actual installation work.
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