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Get Your Share of Energy Savings by Sharing Your Energy Data

By Megan Porter

Francis Bacon said that “knowledge is power.” And when that knowledge is about power, it’s even more valuable. The Share My Data program from Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E) is a safe, streamlined way to share your PG&E energy usage information with companies who can use it to analyze and reduce your company’s energy use for significant cost savings.

Easily Share Important Data with Firms that can Help you Save Money
The program lets you share information with third-party partners such as energy design firms, contractors and consultants that can use it to provide innovative solutions that reduce your energy usage, and in turn reduce your energy costs.

How It Works
When you use electricity at your business, usage data is automatically tracked through the meter and reported back to PG&E, which will share the collected data only with companies that you authorize.

Part of the appeal of the Share My Data program is that it makes detailed energy usage information available in a standardized format. This uniformity makes it easier for third-party companies to compare energy use among and within sectors, and it provides a starting point for them to analyze how efficiently your business is using its delivered power.

By sharing your data you’re able to understand the cost implications of owning both small and large energy-consuming products such as electric vehicles, solar panels, major appliances or office equipment. This will enable you to make strategic changes in how you use energy or help determine if an HVAC, lighting or other system may need an update to a more energy-friendly model.

PG&E customers who have a SmartMeter™ or MV90 meter are eligible to use Share My Data.

Who Can See Your Data?
Only companies in eligible standing with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and that are transparent with how your data will be used can receive your information. In addition, you have complete control over who has access to your energy usage information. You can authorize any potential vendors through your PG&E online account, or directly through the website of the company you have selected. PG&E never shares your address or service ID with any company.

You also have the flexibility to authorize more than one company, so you can mix and match which companies receive your data. There’s no extra work on your end. You can authorize multiple companies to access your data with a few clicks of a mouse.

How Much Does It Cost to Participate?
There is no cost to use or participate in Share My Data. PG&E, as well as other utilities nationwide, provides the service free of charge. It’s part of an effort to foster the creation of innovative ideas by energy efficiency companies that want to help customers like you understand, manage and ultimately reduce their energy usage. Energy conservation helps make the energy grid in California more reliable and more sustainable. And, of course, more effective conservation leads directly to lower energy costs.

The Share My Data program is the next step in a national effort to make recurring, machine-to-machine, programmatic data access available to all customers and their authorized third-party service providers. Ultimately, the goal is to unlock the next generation of innovative, effective conservation solutions that will benefit not only California businesses, but everyone.

For more ways you can improve your business's energy efficiency and save on utility costs, please download PG&E’s "20 Sustainable Products" eBook.


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Get Your Share of Energy Savings by Sharing Your Energy Data
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