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Welcome to the new pge.com

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What you'll find on our new site


  • Improved search results
  • Better navigation
  • Information that's easier to scan

Customer feedback helped us get it right!

We gathered hundreds of customer suggestions.

  • We improved the way key content is grouped.
  • We updated labels and descriptions to the ones you prefer.

Testing helped make sure we were on track.

  • We created mockups using our new navigation and wording.
  • We tested ease-of-use by asking customers to search for common items.

More than 400 customers reviewed our final test site. They helped us fine-tune:

  • Words and descriptions
  • Where to put buttons and links
  • Layout and design 

More improvements in 2024

New outage tools are here!

Earlier this year, we made big changes to our Outage Center.

  • Outages will be easier to track and report.
  • Pages will load faster.
In the summer of 2024, we’re launching an all-new My Account.

To make self-service easier, we’re adding: 

  • Simpler registration, sign-in and password reset
  • A new dashboard with personalized billing and usage insights
  • Improved navigation to help you get you where you want to go

Your partnership is important

As we continue to make improvements to our website, we’d love to hear from you. To let us know what you think, use the feedback link at the bottom or right side of every page.

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