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The new Outage Center has launched!

Designed for you—and with you

The highlights


  • A new web page gets you the outage status for your address faster than our outage map.
  • Future outages are easier to find.
  • A tracker shows where you’re at in the outage process.
  • Helpful tools and support are listed under “Resources.”
  • Local outage information by county is now available.
  • Links in outage notifications will take you right to your address. No need to type it in.
  • You can reply to PG&E outage texts at any time with the word “Status” to get the current outage status for your address. (Available only in English.)

Ready to see it for yourself? Visit the Outage Center.

Improvements are based on customer feedback

Faster page loads

To get outage information, you'll now start by entering an address. This approach loads faster than our outage map on cell phones without WIFI. You can still get to the map. You just won't start there.

Current and future outages

Most outages aren't planned, but if we know of an upcoming outage, you'll see it on the "Future" tab.

Outage status tracker

We've added a tracker to show you where you are on the path to restoration.

Helpful information

Look under "Resources" for outage services. You'll also find information about the restoration process, types of outages and more.

Local information

We now include outage information by county so you'll have the status for the area around your home or business.

We've updated our outage texts, too

Our outage text messages now include direct links to your outage details. Just click the link. There's no need to enter your address. When you receive a text message about an outage, reply "Status" to get the latest information. You can also text "Status" to 95243 at any time to get the outage status for your address. (Available only in English.) Want to take advantage of these shortcuts? Make sure we have your cell phone number so we can contact you by text instead of a phone call.

Customer feedback helped us get right!

Testing helped make sure we were on track.

  • We created mockups using our new navigation and designs.
  • We tested ease-of-use by asking customers to search for common items.

We tested prototypes with real customers. They helped us fine-tune:

  • Words and descriptions
  • Where to put buttons and links
  • Layout and design

More improvements are on the way

In the summer of 2024, we're launching an all-new My Account

To make self-service easier, we’re adding:

  • Simpler registration, sign-in and password reset
  • A new dashboard with personalized billing and usage insights
  • Improved navigation to help you get you where you want to go

Your partnership is important

As we continue to make improvements to our website, we’d love to hear from you. To let us know what you think, use the feedback link at the bottom or right side of every page.

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