Transitional Bundled Service Electric Commodity Prices(TBCC)

Prices applicable on a given bill can be located by selecting the shortest interval below which contains the "Bill From" date for the bill in question.

Average TBCC prices will be calculated on a weekly basis, effective on Thursday and utilized for all billing executed through the following week. In order to take the actual length of the billing period into consideration, prices spanning from 4 to 12 weeks will be calculated. For this purpose, a week is defined to be Saturday through Friday, with the last week in the span ending on the Friday prior to the TBCC price effective date. Billing periods that span 4 or fewer weeks shall use the 4-week average. Billing periods that span 12 or more weeks shall use the 12-week average.

Effective date: 06/15/23 (For Bill to Dates of 06/15/2023 to 06/21/2023)