FERC Standards of Conduct

Transmission Owners Forum

In accordance with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) Standards of Conduct for Transmission Providers, Pacific Gas and Electric Company is posting the following information as required by the Order.

Each posting requirement is listed below by the section number in which the posting requirement is stated in the Order.

Section 358.7(a) (PDF, 14 KB)Contemporaneous disclosure.
Section 358.7(c) (PDF, 40 KB)Voluntary Consent.
Section 358.7(d) (PDF, 103 KB)Posting written procedures on the internet.
Section 358.7(e)(1) (PDF, 56 KB)Names and addresses of all its affiliates that employ or retain marketing function employees.
Section 358.7(e)(2) (PDF, 60 KB)List of shared facilities by transmission and marketing function employees.
Section 358.7(e)(3) (PDF, 50 KB)Potential merger partners.
Section 358.7(f)(1) (PDF, 111 KB)Job titles and job descriptions for Transmission Function employees.
Section 358.7(f)(2) (PDF, 8 KB)Transfers between Transmission and Marketing Function employees.
Section 358.7(i) (PDF, 58 KB)Notice of waiver of a tariff provision.
Section 358.8(c)(2) (PDF, 129 KB)Compliance Officer.