NTSB Preliminary Report

The NTSB issued its preliminary report on the investigation into the accident that occurred on September 9th in San Bruno. I want to begin by expressing our appreciation to the NTSB. They've shown tremendous professionalism—working with a sense of urgency and, at the same time, a determination to be methodical and meticulous in assessing all the facts.
We are committed to working with the NTSB to get to the bottom of what caused this terrible tragedy so that our customers, our industry – and most importantly, the residents of San Bruno – have the answers that they need. We understand that a final, conclusive report is likely many months away. Nonetheless, we welcome and appreciate the preliminary report as an essential first step in this process.
We know that they will leave no stone unturned as they work to evaluate and understand any and all potential contributing factors. For our part, PG&E will continue to do everything we can to cooperate with and support the NTSB's efforts.
We want to assure everyone who relies on PG&E to operate its gas infrastructure safely and securely that we will take any and all appropriate steps to ensure we're meeting this fundamental commitment. To date, we've re-inspected the three major pipelines that serve the San Francisco Peninsula. We are in the process of conducting aerial and ground surveys of our entire natural gas transmission system. We continue to take steps to share information about our system with public officials, first responders and our customers.

On October 12th, we announced our Pipeline 2020 program, which will focus our efforts on five key areas:

  • Modernizing critical pipeline infrastructure
  • Expanding the use of remotely operated or automatic shut-off valves
  • Spurring the development of next-generation pipeline inspection technology
  • Developing industry-leading best practices
  • Enhancing our partnerships with local communities, public officials and first responders

If there are any additional measures that are appropriate based on the NTSB's final report, we will incorporate them into our plan.

PG&E is committed and determined to make our gas transmission system as safe and durable as possible. We remain dedicated, heart and soul, to restoring our customers' faith in PG&E's gas transmission system and to helping San Bruno recover and rebuild. We've committed to doing that, and we are going to deliver on that commitment.

See the NTSB Preliminary Report on the San Bruno Pipeline Rupture Accident.

Gas Transmission Pipeline Information

  • Gas Transmission Pipeline Information

    PG&E has a comprehensive inspection and monitoring program to ensure the safety of its natural gas transmission pipeline system.
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