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Shell Pond Cleanup and Wetland Restoration

Community Involvement

PG&E will continue to have an ongoing and open dialogue with the community regarding this project and we welcome your calls and questions about any of our activities.

Once the property is cleaned up, PG&E plans to open the levee surrounding the pond to allow the area to return to natural wetlands. One of the main goals of this restoration will be to provide the community with a safe and natural environment to visit and enjoy for many years to come.


More than 10 local individuals were hired to fill temporary jobs associated with this project. Unfortunately, due to the recent suspension of cleanup activities, these temporary employees are no longer working on the project. Once the cleanup is ready to restart, PG&E will notify these employees and hopefully reassign them to their prior positions. We originally received more than 300 resumes from the local area and, after a sorting and screening process, we passed along more than 45 qualified applicants to Arcadis US and appropriate subcontractors. Because this cleanup project will be divided into phases, interviews and hiring will be conducted in phases as well. The first round of interviews was conducted in September 2011 for administrative positions and the remaining interviews for laborers, drivers and equipment operators will continue once the project is restarted. Some of the positions will be short term and last just a few weeks, while other jobs will be more long term.

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