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On June 28th, PG&E will launch ClimateSmart — a first-of-its-kind voluntary program that will enable its customers to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make their electricity and natural gas use entirely “climate neutral.”

CEO Tom King will host a press conference, followed by a symposium on the emerging voluntary carbon offset markets titled:

"Voluntary Carbon Offset Programs:
A License to Pollute or a Climate Change Remedy?"

PG&E cordially invites you to join policymakers, leading environmentalists, businesses and industry leaders as they openly discuss the benefits and challenges associated with these programs. Topics to be addressed include:

  • The designing of voluntary carbon offset markets and programs
  • The development of global standards and protocols
  • Carbon offset project selection
  • The value of carbon storage in trees and forests
  • Program verification and accounting practices

June 28, 2007 • 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. PDT

The Golden Gate Club in the Presidio

135 Fisher Loop, Presidio, San Francisco, CA




Ricardo Bayon, Director, Ecosystem Marketplace and Author of Voluntary Carbon Markets


Ken Grossman, CEO, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Eric Holst, Manager, Center for Conservation Incentives, Environmental Defense

Dan Kammen, Professor, Energy and Resources Group, in the Goldman School of Public Policy, and Director, Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory, University of California at Berkeley

Peter Liu, Initial Founder and Vice-Chairman, New Resource Bank

Wendy Pulling, Director, Environmental Policy, PG&E

Luke Tonachel, Energy Program Analyst, Natural Resources Defense Council

Laurie Wayburn, Co-Founder and President, Pacific Forest Trust

Diane Wittenberg, President, California Climate Action Registry


RSVP to Maria Camilli by Tuesday, June 26
Call: 415.973.6090 or E-mail:

Important Note:

PG&E shareholders are making the event climate neutral by purchasing emission reductions certified by the California Climate Action Registry.

In order to fully and accurately calculate the generated greenhouse gas emissions, please help us by indicating, when you RSVP, how you will be traveling round trip to the event:

A. I will be driving my own vehicle or driving a carpool:

SUV ____
Passenger Car ____
Hybrid ____

B. I will be a passenger in a carpool or taking public transportation

How many miles do you estimate you will travel round trip to the event at 135 Fisher Loop, San Francisco?

Attendance at this event by a public official will constitute acceptance of a reportable gift.

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