American Red Cross

As a California-based company for more than a hundred years, PG&E has experienced the state's major earthquakes, wildfires and floods alongside our customers. Being first responders ourselves and seeing the impact these natural disasters have on local communities has fostered a longstanding partnership with the American Red Cross. Through support from PG&E, the Red Cross helps prepare thousands of California residents for potential disasters, and care for those who have experienced one.

Red Cross to the Rescue

The American Red Cross seeks to provide emergency assistance to people affected by fires, floods and other catastrophic events. When a disaster occurs, Red Cross volunteers are on the scene immediately, providing a place to sleep, warm meals, clothing and counseling. The Red Cross disaster relief services focus on meeting the immediate emergency needs of those affected and offering the support, information and resources necessary to help them recover from disaster.

Creating the Calvary

In a state as densely populated as California, it bears knowing that a major disaster, such as the Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989, can overwhelm the resources of formal first responders. To ensure the safety of our communities, the American Red Cross has built a corps of local volunteers and partners who are trained and able to immediately assist.

As a longtime partner of the Red Cross, PG&E understands the vital nature of these programs. We've renewed our support with a $1 million pledge to the American Red Cross Ready Neighborhoods program. This new program focuses on the most vulnerable communities across Northern and Central California, setting up disaster-preparedness resources including community groups trained in emergency response, organize to help identify shelter locations, coordinate others in response training and assemble and distribute emergency kits.

Keeping California Safe

With safety and preparation an integral part of PG&E's culture, we are proud to partner with Red Cross to provide these same messages and materials to the communities we serve.

Last year in just the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter:

  • Helped 2,678 people affected by local disasters.
  • Reconnected 2,128 families via emergency communications and tracing services.
  • Trained 357,196 people in first aid, CPR and disaster preparedness skills.

Our Partnership

"While the fire department and our partners in the City and County may be the first responders, we know that the key to a successful emergency response and recovery in a community relies on a collaborative effort with the people, organizations and businesses of a community. In the long-term, strong private-public partnerships and community engagement will make our communities safer and more resilient to disaster."

Joanne Hayes-White,
Chief of the San Francisco Fire Department.

Be Prepared

Through the Ready Neighborhoods program, the Red Cross will work closely with local leaders, first responders and community stakeholders to:

identify vulnerable neighborhoods,
assess readiness needs and set community-specific goals,
equip residents and community leaders with disaster preparedness and response skills, tools, supplies and plans
foster sustainable relationships to continue the ongoing disaster readiness efforts

For more information on how you, your family, workplace and community can be more prepared for an unforeseen disaster, visit the following links:

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