New Energy Academy

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PG&E understands the future of California is here—and they are in our classrooms around the state. To address the needs of a growing "green" technology workforce and to better prepare our state's children for viable and successful futures upon graduation, PG&E created California's first immersive energy training program of its kind for high school students.

New Energy Academy and the Partnership Academy Model

In partnership with the California Department of Education (CDE) PG&E has established the program, called the New Energy Academy.

New Energy Academy is based on CDE's Partnership Academy model, a three-year program for students in grades 10-12. By focusing on a specific career theme, the academy creates a school within a school. Once committed to the program, students participate in relevant science, technology, engineering and mathematic curriculum and are exposed to unique learning experiences such as visiting an operational wind farm.

New Energy Career Academy Pilot Schools

The New Energy Academies were launched in the 2010 school year at the five participating high schools listed below:

  • Berkeley High School, Berkeley, CA

    Spanning four urban blocks and home to more than 3,000 students, Berkeley High School is one of the largest and most populous high schools in Northern California.

  • Foothill High School, Sacramento, CA

    Located in Northern Sacramento, Foothill's educators are seeking to support a community where children enrolled in the district represent 46 different languages.

  • Edison High School, Fresno, CA

    Currently a magnet school in the subjects of math and science, Edison High ranks among the highest academically in the San Joaquin Valley and the state.

  • Independence High School, Bakersfield, CA

    Independence High School reflects California's growing diversity, with half of the student population coming from Hispanic origin.

  • Venture Academy, Stockton, CA

    A non-traditional charter school that seeks to educate and inspire students from five surrounding counties.

The schools selected for this initial pilot program were required to submit formal applications to both PG&E and the CDE.

New Energy Academy schools receive cash grants, customized professional development workshops and webcasts, and access to education, industry and government experts. Teachers participating in the curriculum development phase will also create a plan to integrate the new curriculum into academic and career technical education courses.

Student participation is voluntary, and those who apply are interviewed by the Academy staff and counselors. Students accepted into the program are selected on the basis of need, interest and parent/guardian approval.

This year, PG&E will invest a total of $1,000,000 to the New Energy Academy program. Funds will be used for classroom enhancements, equipment and $1,000 scholarships to each graduate of the inaugural New Energy Academy class of 2013!

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