Tariff Book

Current gas and electric rate schedules, preliminary statements, rules, forms and advice letters.
Table of Contents
  1. Gas Rate Schedules
  2. Electric Rate Schedules
  3. Gas Preliminary Statements
  4. Electric Preliminary Statements
  5. Gas Rules
  6. Electric Rules
  7. Gas Maps
  8. Electric Maps
  9. Gas Contracts and Deviations
  10. Electric Contracts and Deviations
  11. Gas Forms
  12. Electric Forms
  13. Gas Title
  14. Electric Title
  15. Advice Letter Index
  16. Wholesale (FERC) Tariffs
  17. Historical Rate Information (Gas Tables, Electric Tables, Commodity Prices)
  18. Gas Rate Forecasts
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G-1PDFResidential Service
G-10PDFService to Company Employees
G-AAPDFAs Available Transportation On-System
G-AAOFFPDFAs-Available Transportation Off-System
G-AFTPDFAnnual Firm Transportation On-System
G-AFTOFFPDFAnnual Firm Transportation Off-System
G-AMDSPDFExperimental Access to Meter Data Services
G-BALPDFGas Balancing Service for Intrastate Transportation Customers
G-CAREPDFCARE Program Service For Qualified Nonprofit Group-Living & Qualified Agricultural Employee Housing Facilities
G-CFSPDFCore Firm Storage
G-CREDPDFBilling Credits for CTA-Consolidated Billing
G-CPPDFGas Procurement Service to Core End-Use Customers
G-CPXPDFCrossover Gas Procurement Service to Core End-Use Customers
G-CTPDFCore Gas Aggregation Service
G-EFLICPDFEnergy Financing Line Item Charge (EFLIC) Pilot
G-EGPDFGas Transportation Service to Electric Generation
G-ESISPPDFExchange Service Through ISP Facilities
G-ESPPDFConsolidated PG&E Billing Services to Core Transport Agents
G-LENDPDFMarket Center Lending Services
G-LNGPDFExperimental Liquefied Natural Gas Service
G-MHPSPDFMaster-Metered Mobilehome Park Safety Surcharge
G-NAAPDFNegotiated As-Available Transportation On-System
G-NAAOFFPDFNegotiated As-Available Transportation Off-System
G-NASPDFNegotiated As-Available Storage Service
G-NFSPDFNegotiated Firm Storage Service
G-NFTPDFNegotiated Firm Transportation On-System
G-NFTOFFPDFNegotiated Firm Transportation Off-System
G-NGV1PDFCore Natural Gas Service for Compression on Customers' Premises
G-NGV2PDFCore Compressed Natural Gas Service on PG&E's Premises
G-NGV4PDFNoncore Natural Gas Service for Compression on Customers' Premises
G-NR1PDFGas Service to Small Commercial Customers
G-NR2PDFGas Service to Large Commercial Customers
G-NTPDFGas Transportation Service to Noncore End-Use Customers
G-OBFPDFOn Bill Financing Loan Program
G-OBRPDFOn-Bill Repayment (OBR) Pilots
G-OECPDFGas Delivery to Off-System End-Use Customers
G-PARKPDFMarket Center Parking Services
G-PPPSPDFGas Public Purpose Program Surcharge
G-SFSPDFStandard Firm Storage Service
G-SFTPDFSeasonal Firm Transportation On-System Only
G-SOPPDFResidential Gas SmartMeter(TM) Opt-Out Program
G-SURPDFCustomer-Procured Gas Franchise Fee Surcharge
G-WSLPDFGas Transportation Service to Wholesale/Resale Customers
G-XFPDFPipeline Expansion Firm Intrastate Transportation Service
G1-NGVPDFResidential Natural Gas Service for Compression on Customers' Premises
GL-1PDFResidential CARE Program Service
GL1-NGVPDFResidential CARE Program Natural Gas Service for Compression on Customers' Premises
GMPDFMaster-Metered Multifamily Service
GMLPDFMaster-Metered Multifamily CARE Program Service
GSPDFMultifamily Service
GSLPDFMultifamily CARE Program Service
GTPDFMobilehome Park Service
GTLPDFMobilehome Park CARE Program Service

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