Tariff Book

Current gas and electric rate schedules, preliminary statements, rules, forms and advice letters.
Table of Contents
  1. Gas Rate Schedules
  2. Electric Rate Schedules
  3. Gas Preliminary Statements
  4. Electric Preliminary Statements
  5. Gas Rules
  6. Electric Rules
  7. Gas Maps
  8. Electric Maps
  9. Gas Contracts and Deviations
  10. Electric Contracts and Deviations
  11. Gas Forms
  12. Electric Forms
  13. Gas Title
  14. Electric Title
  15. Advice Letter Index
  16. Wholesale (FERC) Tariffs
  17. Historical Rate Information (Gas Tables, Electric Tables, Commodity Prices)
  18. Gas Rate Forecasts
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2PDFDescription of Service
3PDFApplication for Service
5PDFSpecial Information Required on Forms
6PDFEstablishment and Reestablishment of Credit
9PDFRendering and Payment of Bills
10PDFDisputed Bills
11PDFDiscontinuance and Restoration of Service
12PDFRates and Optional Rates
13PDFTemporary Service
14PDFCapacity Allocation and Constraint of Natural Gas Service
15PDFGas Main Extensions
16PDFGas Service Extensions
17PDFMeter Tests and Adjustment of Bills for Meter Error
17.1PDFAdjustment of Bills for Billing Error
17.2PDFAdjustment of Bills for Unauthorized Use
18PDFSupply to Separate Premises and Submetering of Gas
19PDFMedical Baseline Quantities
19.1PDFCalifornia Alternate Rates for Energy for Individual Customers and Submetered Tenants of Master-Metered Customers
19.2PDFCalifornia Alternate Rates for Energy for Nonprofit Group-Living Facilities
19.3PDFCalifornia Alternate Rates for Energy for Qualified Agricultural Employee Housing Facilities
21PDFTransportation of Natural Gas
23PDFGas Aggregation Service for Core Transport Customers
25PDFGas Services-Customer Creditworthiness and Payment Terms
26PDFStandards of Conduct and Procedures Related to Transactions, Etc.
27PDFPrivacy and Security Protections for Energy Usage Data
27.1PDFAccess to Energy Usage and Usage-Related Data While Protecting Privacy of Personal Data
28PDFMobilehome Park Utility Upgrade Program

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