Tariff Book

Current gas and electric rate schedules, preliminary statements, rules, forms and advice letters.
Table of Contents
  1. Gas Rate Schedules
  2. Electric Rate Schedules
  3. Gas Preliminary Statements
  4. Electric Preliminary Statements
  5. Gas Rules
  6. Electric Rules
  7. Gas Maps
  8. Electric Maps
  9. Gas Contracts and Deviations
  10. Electric Contracts and Deviations
  11. Gas Forms
  12. Electric Forms
  13. Gas Title
  14. Electric Title
  15. Advice Letter Index
  16. Wholesale (FERC) Tariffs
  17. Historical Rate Information (Gas Tables, Electric Tables, Commodity Prices)
  18. Gas Rate Forecasts
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APDFDescription of Service Area & General Requirements
BPDFDefault Tariff Rate Components
CPDFGas Accounting Terms & Definitions
DPDFPurchased Gas Account
FPDFCore Fixed Cost Account
JPDFNoncore Customer Class Charge Account
LPDFBalancing Charge Account
OPDFCPUC Reimbursement Fee
PPDFIncome Tax Component of Contributions Provision
QPDFAffiliate Transfer Fees Account
TPDFTax Reform Act of 1986
UPDFCore Brokerage Fee Balancing Account
VPDFCalifornia Alternate Rates for Energy Account
YPDFCustomer Energy Efficiency Adjustment
ACPDFCatastrophic Event Memorandum Account
AEPDFCore Pipeline Demand Charge Account
AGPDFCore Firm Storage Account
ANPDFHazardous Substance Mechanism
AWPDFSelf-Generation Program Memorandum Account
BAPDFPublic Purpose Program Surcharge-Energy Efficiency
BBPDFPublic Purpose Program Surcharge Memorandum Account
BHPDFPublic Purpose Program Surcharge-Low Income Energy Efficiency
BIPDFPublic Purpose Program Surcharge-Research Development and Demonstration
BQPDFPension Contribution Balancing Account
BSPDFClimateSmart Balancing Account
BTPDFNon-Tariffed Products and Services Balancing Account
CAPDFCalifornia Solar Initiative Solar Thermal Program Memorandum Account
CLPDFTransmission Integrity Management Program Balancing Account
COPDFAdjustment Mechanism For Costs Determined In Other Proceedings
CPPDFGas Transmission & Storage Revenue Sharing Mechanism
CSPDFTax Act Memorandum Account - Gas
CVPDFRevised Customer Energy Statement Balancing Account
CWPDFGas Pipeline Expense and Capital Balancing Account
DAPDFStatewide Marketing, Education and Outreach Balancing Account
DBPDFMobile Home Park Balancing Account - Gas
DCPDFEnergy Data Center Memorandum Account - Gas (EDCMA-G)
DDPDFGas Transmission & Storage Memorandum Account (GTSMA)
DEPDFGas Leak Survey and Repair Balancing Account (GLSRBA)
DFPDFSmartMeter(TM) Opt-Out Program Balancing Account - Gas (SOPBA-G)
DGPDFDisconnection Memorandum Account - Gas (DMA-G)
DHPDFGas Programs Balancing Account (GPBA)
DIPDFGreenhouse Gas Expense Memorandum Account - Gas (GHGEMA-G)
DJPDFEnergy Efficiency Financing Balancing Account - Gas (EEFBA-G)
DKPDFShareholder-Funded Gas Transmission Safety Account (SFGTSA)
DMPDFAssembly Bill 802 Memorandum Account
DNPDFLine 407 Memorandum Account (L407MA)
DOPDFHydrostatic Pipeline Testing Memorandum Account (HPTMA)
DPPDFTransmission Integrity Management Program Memorandum Account (TIMPMA)
DQPDFEngineering Critical Assessment Balancing Account (ECABA)
DRPDFHydrostatic Station Testing Memorandum Account (HSTMA)
DSPDFWork Required by Others Balancing Account (WROBA)
DTPDFCritical Document Program Memorandum Account (CDPMA)
DUPDFZ-Factor Memorandum Account (ZFMA-G)

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