Tariff Book

Current gas and electric rate schedules, preliminary statements, rules, forms and advice letters.
Table of Contents
  1. Gas Rate Schedules
  2. Electric Rate Schedules
  3. Gas Preliminary Statements
  4. Electric Preliminary Statements
  5. Gas Rules
  6. Electric Rules
  7. Gas Maps
  8. Electric Maps
  9. Gas Contracts and Deviations
  10. Electric Contracts and Deviations
  11. Gas Forms
  12. Electric Forms
  13. Gas Title
  14. Electric Title
  15. Advice Letter Index
  16. Wholesale (FERC) Tariffs
  17. Historical Rate Information (Gas Tables, Electric Tables, Commodity Prices)
  18. Gas Rate Forecasts
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APDFDescription of Service Area & General Requirements
EPDFCPUC Reimbursement Fee
GPDFCatastrophic Event Memorandum Account
IPDFRate Schedule Summary
JPDFIncome Tax Component of Contributions Provision
KPDFEnergy Commission Tax
MPDFCalifornia Alternate Rates for Energy Account
PPDFCustomer Energy Efficiency Adjustment
RPDFAffiliate Transfer Fees Account
SPDFHazardous Substance Mechanism
YPDFElectric and Magnetic Field Measurement Policy
BBPDFCompetition Transition Charge Responsibility for All Customers and CTC Procedure for Departing Loads
BKPDFTransmission Revenue Requirement Reclassification Memo Account
BUPDFVegetation Management Balancing Account
BYPDFSelf-Generation Program Memorandum Account
CGPDFUtility Generation Balancing Account
CHPDFUtility Retained Generation Income Tax Memorandum Account
CJPDFNegative Ongoing Competition Transition Charge Memorandum Account
CKPDFDistribution Bypass Deferral Rate Memo Account
CPPDFEnergy Resource Recovery Account
CQPDFModified Transition Cost Balancing Account
CZPDFDistribution Revenue Adjustment Mechanism
DAPDFPublic Purpose Programs Revenue Adjustment Mechanism
DBPDFNuclear Decommissioning Adjustment Mechanism
DGPDFPower Charge Collection Balancing Account
DIPDFProcurement Energy Efficiency Balancing Account
DNPDFMunicipal Surcharges on Dept of Water Resources Sales
DPPDFDedicated Rate Component
DTPDFEnergy Recovery Bond Balancing Account
DXPDFFamily Electric Rate Assistance Balancing Account
DZPDFDepartment of Energy Litigation Balancing Account
ECPDFDemand Response Expenditures Balancing Account
EFPDFProcurement Energy Efficiency Revenue Adjustment Mechanism
EHPDFNegative Indifference Amount Memorandum Account
EJPDFPension Contribution Balancing Account
EKPDFLand Conservation Plan Implementation Account
ELPDFRenewables Portfolio Standard Cost Memorandum Account
EMPDFClimateSmart Balancing Account
EOPDFCalifornia Solar Initiative Balancing Account
EPPDFMarket Redesign and Technology Upgrade Memorandum Account
ETPDFNon-Tariffed Products and Services Balancing Account
EWPDFLong-Term Procurement Plan Technical Assistance Memorandum Account (LTAMA)
EXPDFDynamic Pricing Memorandum Account (DPMA)
EZPDFLand Conservation Plan Environmental Remediation Memorandum Account
FBPDFFire Hazard Prevention Memorandum Account
FDPDFSmart Grid Project Memorandum Account
FJPDFPhotovoltaic Program Memorandum Account (PVPMA)
FMPDFDiablo Canyon Seismic Studies Balancing Account
FRPDFTax Act Memorandum Account - Electric(TAMA-E)
FSPDFNew System Generation Balancing Account
FUPDFElectric Program Investment Charge Revenue Adjustment Mechanism Balancing Account
FXPDFRevised Customer Energy Statement Balancing Account
FYPDFElectric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) Balancing Account
GAPDFGreenhouse Gas Expense Memorandum Account
GBPDFGreenhouse Gas Revenue Balancing Account
GCPDFCalifornia Energy Systems for the 21st Century Balancing Account
GDPDFSmart Grid Pilot Deployment Project Balancing Account
GEPDFStatewide Marketing, Education and Outreach Balancing Account
GFPDFCustomer Data Access Balancing Account - Electric
GHPDFMobile Home Park Balancing Account - Electric
GIPDFEnergy Data Center Memorandum Account - Electric (EDCMA-E)
GJPDFMajor Emergency Balancing Account (MEBA)
GKPDFSmartMeter(TM) Opt-Out Program Balancing Account - Electric (SOPBA-E)
GLPDFHydro Licensing Balancing Account (HLBA)
GMPDFNuclear Regulatory Commission Rulemaking Balancing Account (NRCRBA)
GNPDFSan Francisco Incandescent Streetlight Replacement Account (SFSRA)
GOPDFDisconnection Memorandum Account - Electric (DMA-E)
GPPDFGreen Tariff Shared Renewables Memorandum Account (GTSRMA)
GQPDFEnergy Efficiency Financing Balancing Account - Electric (EEFBA-E)
GRPDFGreen Tariff Shared Renewables Balancing Account (GTSRBA)
GSPDFResidential Rate Reform Memorandum Account (RRRMA)
GTPDFAssembly Bill 802 Memorandum Account
GUPDFZ-Factor Memorandum Account (ZFMA-E)
GVPDFDistribution Interconnection Memorandum Account (DIMA)
GWPDFBioRAM Memorandum Account(BRMA)
GXPDFSenate Bill 859 Biomass Memorandum Account(BIOMASSMA)
GYPDFElectric Vehicle Program Balancing Account

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