Jim's Story

Jim’s Tip

Do More with Less.

SmartMeter™ data made it easy for Jim to see and understand the way he used energy hour by hour, every day. And that helped him to use it more efficiently.

Everyone has to use energy, but when you do, make sure you get the most out of what you use:

  • Don’t turn on the dishwasher until it’s completely full.
  • Only wash and dry full loads of laundry and use the moisture sensing setting on the drier.
  • Don’t heat up two ovens to different temperatures. And bake some cookies while you’re cooking dinner!

It may seems obvious, but keeping track of your daily consumption using SmartMeter™ data can surprise you. And help you find simple and unexpected ways to make the energy you consume go further.

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What You Can Learn from Jim.

It’s easier to think about convenience rather than efficiency. But, when you’re aware of how much energy individual appliances use, you’ll start thinking differently. The results will have long-term positive effects on our planet, and an immediate positive effect on your monthly energy bill.

Making the Most of SmartMeter™ Technology

Now it’s easy to visualize how your everyday behavior directly affects your energy bill. With SmartMeter™ data it’s easy to pinpoint the times of day that energy use peaks and the appliances that use the most energy.

Smart Meters by the Numbers

  • Worldwide


    Total number of smart meters installed worldwide as of 4/2010.

  • Nationwide


    Total number of smart meters installed nationwide as of 9/2011.

  • Northern California


    Number of PG&E SmartMeter™ gas and electric meters installed as of 03/31/2013.

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    Average number of meters with SmartMeter™ technology installed daily by PG&E as of 07/31/2012.

  • Tool box


    The SmartMeter™ system will be rolled out to all PG&E customers by the end of 2013

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