Customer Connections Online. Our online tool makes it easy to apply for new or upgraded service.

Customer Connections Online is an online tool that allows you to submit, track and manage applications for gas and electric service quickly and conveniently. Whether you’re updating or starting a new service, Customer Connections Online makes it easy.

Key Benefits of Customer Connections Online

  • Fast application process for gas and electric service

  • Convenient dashboard helps you track your applications

  • Rapid document upload
  • Drop-down menus that make it easy to find information

  • Get project status updates by text, email or a phone call

  • Fast access to PG&E representatives

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Resources for Business Customers
Get information about starting a new gas or electric service, changing an existing one, setting up temporary power, receiving safety training and more.
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Resources for Residential Customers
If you're building a house or make changes to your existing gas or electricity service, you'll find what you need here.
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