OFO Text Message Notification

OFO Text Message notifications are used by Pacific Gas and Electric Company's California Gas Transmission to simultaneously text message all registered customers with Operational Flow Order information. Register for this online service by using the form below.

OFO Text Message notifications include the following information:

  • whether the OFO is System-Wide ("SW-OFO") or Customer-Specific ("CS-OFO")
  • date of the OFO
  • inventory level*
  • tolerance band*
  • stage*
  • noncompliance charge*

*Text Message notifications only include this detail for System-Wide OFOs

Following is a sample message:

PG&E SW-OFO for 4/12/99, High Inv, 10% Tol, Stage 1 at $0.25/Dth Inventory

To subscribe to OFO Text Messaging:

To utilize this service, customers must have a mobile device with text messaging capability activated. (Please note that the ability to receive computer-generated messages via electronic mail may, depending on your service provider, be different from the ability to receive text messages via the Internet.) You may subscribe to this service by completing the form below:

Company Name: 
Your Name: 
Mobile Device Number* for Text Message: 
*Your mobile device number, plus the service provider's e-mail, i.e.,
Your E-mail Address: 

Please remember that INSIDEtracc remains the primary source of OFO notification. The OFO Text Message notification is a courtesy service only. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) warn us that text message notification can fail for arbitrary and unpredictable reasons. PG&E does not represent or warrant that Text Message notification will reliably provide OFO notification, and customers utilizing the Text Message notification service do so at their own risk. Customers assume full responsibility for informing PG&E of updates to subscriber mobile device numbers.

A complete description of CS-OFO notification procedures can be found here.

To unsubscribe: If at any time you wish to discontinue this service, please send an e-mail to, with a blank subject line. The contents of the message should read: Unsubscribe ofo-notice

If you have any questions regarding Text Message OFO notification, please contact your CGT Representative.