How to View INSIDEtracc Reports

Any previously run INSIDEtracc report within the past 14 days can be viewed by logging into the Actuate Viewer.

From the INSIDEtracc Main screen, click Navigate, Run Reports, View Saved Reports. The main Actuate Viewer window will open. Select File, Navigator. You will see a log in screen with three fields:

  1. User Name
  2. Password
  3. Volume

All three fields must be filled in. The User Name and Password fields will be the same as your INSIDEtracc User Name and Password. Volume will be blank if you've never logged in to the Actuate Viewer in the past (and there won't be anything in the drop down list). You must fill in the "Volume" field with "gasrpt01" (without the quotes) in order to log in to the Actuate Viewer. The Volume field will default to this entry after the first time you log in this way.

You will see a file folder with the same name as your User Name. Reports you have run within the past 14 days are stored in that folder. INSIDEtracc will automatically delete any report prior to the past 14 days. Find the report you'd like to see in your folder and double-click it to open it up.

Once you've looked at the report you wish to see, you can close out the report and the Viewer, or simply minimize the Actuate Viewer. Then, when you run other reports, you can maximize the Viewer, then click on View, Refresh to find the recent report and open it up from there. You do not have to logon to the Viewer again.

If you have any questions on this, please contact your CGT Account Services Representative or call the CGT Helpline at 1.800.343.4743.