INSIDEtracc Web Frequently Asked Questions

Plug-in FAQs:

The plug-in download for my home computer seems to take a long time. Is there any solution for that?

Installation of the plug-in will require more download time from a home-based computer. You can save the plug-in file to a diskette from another location and install it to your home computer at a later date.

My plug-in download failed. What now?

Check to make sure your computer meets the system requirements. If these requirements are met, try uninstalling the plug-in, then reinstalling it.

On a Windows system, an uninstall can be accomplished by selecting Start, Settings, Control panel, Add/remove programs. Select the Citrix ICA Web client, then select Add/Remove and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once the plug-in has been uninstalled, follow the instructions from CGT's Pipe Ranger Web site to reinstall it. If the download appears to fail again, call the CGT Helpline for assistance (800.343.4743, #2).

What if a "Recommended download" plug-in does not appear as a selection?

This is generally caused by user settings that prevent the installation scripts from detecting your system information.

Check to make sure your computer meets the {system requirements}. If a recommended plug-in is not suggested, click on the Available Download that most closely resembles your operating system.

Why are other plug-in downloads listed?

The other downloads allow you to save the installation plug-in files to disk for installation on other computer systems.

Can I install the Citrix plug-in directly to my computer if I use Netscape Navigator?

If you are using Netscape Navigator, the file must be saved to a location on your computer. When you click on the file, you will automatically get a pop-up window asking for the location where you want to save the file. Save the file to a location of your choice. Go to that location and double-click on the file name to start the download.

Does the Citrix download install software on my computer?

Yes, the plug-in installs software on your computer. Approximately 7 MB of hard drive space is required.

I just installed the Citrix plug-in, but INSIDEtracc doesn't seem to work. What should I do?

Check to make sure that you closed the browser and opened a new one after the plug-in download finished. Then, return to CGT's Pipe Ranger Web site and click on the INSIDEtracc Web Log On link.

The plug-in installation is finished but I am still at the Citrix Installation Instructions page. Now what?

You will get a pop-up window stating "Setup completed successfully. You may need to restart your Web browser to activate changes" with an OK button. Click OK, then close your Internet browser. Reopen your browser and go to the Pipe Ranger Web site ( to access INSIDEtracc.

Note: Since the plug-in is a one-time installation, closing and re-opening your browser will be a one-time action.

Log On FAQs:

What if I can't log on?

Check to make sure your computer meets the {system requirements}. If these requirements are met, check to make sure you installed the Citrix plug-in. On a Windows system, this can be done by selecting Start, Settings, Control panel, Add/remove programs. Check and make sure you see an entry for the Citrix ICA Web Client.

My password doesn't work. What should I do?

Your password is case-sensitive. Make sure the case is correct and the caps lock on your keyboard is or is not on. If you need your password reset, call INSIDEtracc Online Support at 415.973.3119.

What is my User name and Password?

Your User name and Password are the same ones you currently use to log on to INSIDEtracc; your password has not changed.

What if I want to change my Password?

Change your password from the INSIDEtracc log on screen. The change will automatically feed back to the Citrix log on screen within approximately 5 minutes. You will need to use the new Password next time you log on.

What if I can't access Pipe Ranger?

Verify you have access to the Internet from within your company. If you are able to access the Internet but are unable to access Pipe Ranger or other Pacific Gas and Electric Company pages, please contact the CGT Helpline at 1.800.343.4743.

I have already downloaded a Citrix plug-in on my computer. Do I need to download another copy?

Yes. INSIDEtracc Web has been tested with the full Citrix plug-in version 6.01. Earlier, smaller versions of the plug-in will not support INSIDEtracc.


What if I can only see part of the INSIDEtracc screen in my browser window?

Click on the window title bar and drag the window into view.

Why can't I find my .csv file when I try to import my nominations from a file?

Make sure INSIDEtracc is mapping to the correct drive by following these steps:

  • From the Nominations window in INSIDEtracc, click on File, Import from File
  • At the "Select a nomination file to import" screen, click on the drop down arrow for the "Look in" field
  • Your computer hard drive will be shown with a dollar sign ($) following it. Most people will have at least a C: drive, although if you have more than one hard drive partition, you may have several selections showing. Choose the selection of the hard drive on which your file is saved. For example, "C$ on 'Client' (X:)" where X: is a letter automatically generated by your computer system.

You should now see your files listed in a directory tree format, and can browse to the location of your file. Double click the file or select the file and click Open. This will import your data into INSIDEtracc.

NOTE: You should verify that the import options in INSIDEtracc are correct prior to importing your data. From the Nominations screen, click on File, Import Options to verify that your information will be mapped correctly when it imports.

Printer FAQs:

When I try to log on to the Actuate Viewer for reports, the Volume field is blank. What do I enter in that field?

If the Volume field is blank in the Actuate Viewer, type "gbpdnt01" (without the quotes) in that field. This is a one-time entry; your computer will save that entry as a default once it is entered in the Volume field.

What is the box at the bottom of the screen, and can I close it out?

The box indicates your printer options. If you maximize the box it will list the printers available to you. Closing this screen will not affect INSIDEtracc performance.

How do I change my default printer?

Reports are accessed from within Actuate Viewer. From within Actuate Viewer, click on File, Print or click the printer icon. The printer Name field will show your default printer. Click the drop-down arrow to select a different printer. Click the OK button to send the report to the new printer you selected.

Log Off FAQs:

Once I log off and shut down INSIDEtracc, how do I get back to CGT's Pipe Ranger Web site?

Click Navigate, Shut down from within INSIDEtracc to log off that system. You will end up at a browser window with the phrase, "ICA link launched." Click your browser's Back button. This will take you back to Pipe Ranger.

How do I log off?

Click on Navigate, Logout, and Shut down. When a white screen with "ICA link launched" appears, click on your browser's Back button to take you to Pipe Ranger.

Once I've logged off and shut down INSIDEtracc, how do I close out the white screen that shows "ICA link launched"?

Click on your browser's Back button to return to Pipe Ranger.

Firewall Issue FAQs: