News Archives Renew(s)ed

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

From the first article in 1998 to today's current news, every article ever published on Pipe Ranger has been available on the News Article Archives page. Now, California Gas Transmission has "renew(s)ed" our news archive page.

While it's nice to have the past available in the present, the majority of our historic articles are not re-read by our customers. We've now consolidated our older articles into PDF files, one file for each year 1998 through 2010.

These PDF files are located on our news archive page, along with the article titles linking to the most recent articles, from 2011 through the current date.

Once you open the PDF file, a search capability is available, allowing you to search for specific content. From within Adobe Reader, select Edit, Find and enter your search parameter(s). If the PDF opens in a browser window, use your browser search function and enter your search parameter(s).

This consolidation allows us to keep Pipe Ranger more streamlined by removing older Web pages, yet still keep information available for you. Please contact a CGT Account Manager with any questions, or for assistance in finding an old article on a particular subject.

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