Frequently Asked Questions: Noncore Balancing Aggregation Agreement (NBAA)

How do I get a Noncore Balancing Aggregation Agreement (NBAA)?

If you have indicated on the credit application that you will be a balancing aggregator, you will automatically be sent the NBAA once your credit has been approved. You'll need to sign the NBAA and send it back to California Gas Transmission, and send your customers the Exhibit A to complete. Completed Exhibit A's must be submitted to California Gas Transmission at least 1 working day before the first day of the month in which they are to take effect.

A sample NBAA is one of the Standard Forms available in .pdf format; you may also download blank Exhibit A's.

How do I get an NBAA if I didn't indicate on the credit application that I'd like to be a balancing agent?

Call your CGT Account Services Representative and let that person know that you'd like to receive an NBAA. You'll also need to estimate the dollar value of the balancing pool you'll be aggregating. Once you have the necessary approved credit line, the NBAA will be sent to you.

Is there any way to aggregate imbalances without executing an NBAA?

No. If you are authorized to trade a customer's imbalance, but you are not a balancing agent under the NBAA, you can not combine that imbalance with others.

Can I be a balancing agent even if I am not the marketer that is supplying gas to the end-use customer?

Yes, any customer that has signed an Exhibit A to your NBAA will be added to your balancing pool. There is no requirement that you also be that customer's authorized marketer under Exhibit C on their NGSA.