Frequently Asked Questions: INSIDEtracc v3.0

What is the Customer code?

The Customer code is the unique 4-digit code assigned by California Gas Transmission to each customer currently using INSIDEtracc.

Can the passwords for INSIDEtracc v3.0 and the Citrix ICA Client be different?

To access INSIDEtracc v3.0, customers must logon twice. The first logon will access Citrix; the second logon will access the actual INSIDEtracc v3.0 application. If two distinct passwords are desired, customers may change either password, although California Gas Transmission encourages customers to keep the passwords synchronized. A change to the INSIDEtracc password will automatically feed back to the Citrix password, keeping both the same.

Can all nominations be done using INSIDEtracc v3.0?

Yes, INSIDEtracc v3.0 can be used for Timely, Evening, Intraday 1 and Intraday 2 nominations.

Can a nomination be saved?

Yes. You can copy your nominations to the clipboard and then paste them into an Excel or Lotus spreadsheet.

How do you correct a nomination that contains an error?

To correct a nomination:

  1. Click on the invalid nomination (located in the Nomination Table)
  2. Correct the entry
  3. Enter the nomination back into the Nomination Tablle

If the nomination has already been submitted, you must resubmit a new nomination.

Can a nomination be deleted?

Customers cannot delete any nomination from the INSIDEtracc database. However, you can delete any nomination entered into INSIDEtracc v3.0 if it has not been submitted and has a status of "Unprocessed", or if you have tried to submit a nomination and it has a status of "Invalid". Click on the nomination to bring it into the edit portion of the screen, then click on the Delete button to reenter the nomination back into the nomination table. Once a nomination has been submitted through INSIDEtracc it cannot be deleted; the customer must zero out the nomination.

What is the process to zero out a nomination? Is there a button to do this automatically?

To zero out a nomination:

  1. Click on the nomination in the Nomination Table to bring it into the edit portion of the screen
  2. Change the volume to zero
  3. Enter the nomination back into the table
  4. Submit the nomination

What happens if a nomination is submitted but not accepted by INSIDEtracc v3.0?

A nomination must be entered into the system before it can be submitted. Make sure the following steps are taken:

  1. Click on the Enter button; this will place the nomination in the nomination table
  2. Click on the Submit button; this will submit the nomination into the database

What does the "Confirmed" message mean on the status bar in the Nomination table?

California Gas Transmission's Scheduling Group conducts several processes behind the scenes to validate, match, confirm and schedule nominations. The status message of "Confirmed" next to a nomination in the Nomination Table means that the submitted nominations have been confirmed by CGT's Scheduling Group.

When does the screen status change during processing of nominations?

Unprocessed Enter (Customer through INSIDEtracc v3.0)
Valid/Invalid Submit (Customer through INSIDEtracc v3.0*)
Matched/Unmatched Match (CGT Scheduling process)
Confirmed Confirm (CGT Scheduling process)
Scheduled Schedule (CGT Scheduling process)
* Assumes the Validate on Submit default is in place