Frequently Asked Questions: Pipe Ranger Imbalance Trading Tool

Can Market Center account balances be traded using the INSIDEtracc Imbalance Trading tool?

Market Center account balances will be displayed in the INSIDEtracc Imbalance Trading window for informational purposes only. They may not be traded by customers from the INSIDEtracc application. Contact your Market Center Representative to request Market Center trades.

Can current balances/imbalances be viewed electronically at any time, instead of waiting for the Trade Period to begin?

Cumulative, operating and CPBA Account imbalances are available for viewing only after Pacific Gas and Electric Company's billing department has checked and approved the data. Once this monthly check is complete, you will receive your faxed imbalance statement, and the Trade Period begins.

Is there any way for a customer to access someone else's account balances?

No, customers can only see their own account balances based upon the unique User Name and Password entered during logon.

Is there a deadline for completing trades?

Yes, the Trade Period will typically close at 5:00 p.m., Pacific Time on the day NYMEX closes. (The exception is when the Trade Period deadline is extended to ensure five full trading days.) A retained trade or a pending trade that has not been confirmed at that time will be rejected.

When you make arrangements with another party for a trade, does it matter which party submits the trade?

No, just be certain to agree on who will submit the trade and who will confirm it electronically. Otherwise each of you could end up submitting two identical trades with neither trade being confirmed.

Suppose that I have a deal I want to make, and so I enter the trade volume with all the other trading partners I know. If one of them accepts, will the other pending trades all be cancelled?

No. Each of those submitted trades stands alone. Each one can be accepted or rejected by the other trading partner independently of the actions of the others.

Is the person who signs the Electronic Commerce System (ECS) User Agreement the only person who can access the INSIDEtracc Imbalance Trading tool?

No, anyone your company designates on the last page of the Agreement may access the tool.

Will I receive an ECS User Agreement in the mail, or do I need to ask for it?

If you have not received or signed an ECS User Agreement, please call a California Gas Transmission Account Services Representative to have an Agreement prepared and mailed to you.

When I've confirmed a trade, do I need to log out and log back in to see my new balances?

After you successfully confirm a trade, a pop-up window will appear showing the new balance for that account.

Do both parties to a trade have to reject it?

No, prior to confirmation, only one party needs to reject it. Once the trade is confirmed, it can not be rejected by either party.

Can the INSIDEtracc Imbalance Trading tool be used for trading balances under the California Production Balancing Agreement?

Yes, CPBA Imbalances can be traded using the INSIDEtracc Imbalance Trading tool. The deadline for clearing such imbalances is 5:00 p.m., Pacific Time on the last business day of the month.

Once the second party has confirmed an electronic imbalance trade, can it be modified?

No, once both partners have indicated their acceptance of a trade and the trade has been validated, no subsequent adjustment is permitted.