Frequently Asked Questions: Cogeneration Facilities

What are the advantages for a congeneration facility to hold backbone transmission services in its own name?

By holding backbone transmission services in its own name, a congeneration facility may be eligible to receive a cogen parity rate for the same path and the same service. To qualify for a cogen parity rate, the Gas Transportation Service Agreement must be in the cogeneration facility name. The cogen parity rate is calculated based on the weighted average of all Pacific Gas and Electric Company Utility Electric Generation Department (UEG) contracts, including negotiated contracts, for the same path and same service. Cogen parity rates may be offered only for these on-system rate schedules: G-AFT, Annual Firm Transportation On-System; G-SFT, Seasonal Firm Transportation On-System; and G-AA, As Available Transportation On-System.

Does cogen parity apply to parking and lending?

Cogen parity does apply to parking and lending for identical service.