Cumulative Imbalance Cycle

 Month 1 Date 
  •  Delivery month
Month 2   
  •  Complete Month 1 billing
 1st - 5th
  •  Create Month 1 cumulative imbalance statement
 6th - 14th
  •  Mail cumulative imbalance statement
 by the 15th
  •  Trading deadline*
 NYMEX close date
  •  Carry forward untraded Month 1 cumulative imbalances within +/-5% tolerance band into Month 3
 NYMEX close date to end of month
  •  Calculate cashout value for cumulative imbalances >5%
 NYMEX close date to end of month
Month 3   
  •  Month 1 cashout, if any, included in Month 3 bill
 6th - 14th

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*California Gas Transmission will extend the trading deadline beyond the NYMEX close date if necessary to ensure a trading period of at least five days.