Program TitleCSI Thermal (Solar Water Heating) Program Workshop
Time, LocationApril 5 (Thursday, 10:00 am to 3:30 pm) San Francisco--PEC
Also Offeredn/a
DescriptionThe California Solar Initiative Thermal (Solar Water Heating) program offers incentives for the installation of solar water heating systems to displace both gas and electric use on residential, multifamily and commercial properties. This CSI Thermal Workshop is a required introductory course for contractors and applicants interested in participating in the CSI Thermal Program--see Eligibility section below for more information. The class is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the program, its requirements and the application process. We will also provide an overview of solar water heating technologies. The exact agenda is to be determined and will be posted here at a later date. Please note: This is not an instructional class on how to install solar water heating systems.

1) Eligibility: Completion of this course by the contractor license owner as listed with the California State License Board (CSLB) is mandatory to participate in the CSI Thermal Program. This will satisfy the requirement for the entire company to be eligible as a contractor or to fill out the application. Attendance by all other company employees is optional, but is strongly recommended for installers and other personnel involved in the application process.

2) Prerequisite: It is recommended that CSI Thermal Workshop participants first attend one of PG&E's solar water heating classes or have a good understanding of these systems. Technical knowledge of Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) guidelines and standards will be useful. For more information, please visit

3) PAPERLESS CLASS: In an effort to save paper and lower our carbon footprint, we will not be distributing a copy of the PowerPoint slides used during this Workshop. These slides and supporting documents and resources referenced during this class are posted to

4) Pre-class reading: Students should familiarize themselves with the topics and terminology that will be discussed by reviewing the CSI Thermal Program final decision. For more information, please visit and before attending this workshop.

There is no cost to attend this workshop.
Audience LevelThis workshop is limited to applicants, self-installers, and installation contractors, but the CSLB owner is required to attend.This class is designed for solar water heating contractors, administrative staff and anyone interested in learning more about the CSI Thermal program, its requirements and application process. Note: Installation contractors must have an active A, B, C-4, C-36 or C-46 license.
AgendaTo be determined.
Instructor(s)To be provided
CostNo fee for this program