Virtually all core gas service customers1 can participate in the program as long as the following two conditions are met: (1) the current customer began service with PG&E before October 2012 and maintains continuous service at the same service address through January 31, 2013; and (2) in order to establish a historic base year usage, service must have been maintained at the premise continuously from December 1 to January 31 during at least one of the three previous winter seasons by the current or a previous customer2

Bill Credit Methodology

If you’re an eligible customer, you will receive a 20 percent bill credit based on the gas portion of your Program Period bills if you reduce your cumulative gas use by 10 percent or more. In the alternative, you may still receive a one-to-one bill credit for gas reduction below 10 percent. For example, if you reduce your cumulative gas usage by 5 percent, you will receive a 5 percent bill credit.

Conservation Period

PG&E encourages you to conserve during the three typically coldest months of the year, December through February, when gas usage and bills are generally at their highest. Usage comparisons and bill credits for the Winter Gas Savings Program are based upon prorated December and January usage.3 However, conservation should begin as soon as the meter is read in November and continue until the meter is read in February in order to fully capture the average daily December and January usage that will be used to determine your bill credit.4

Base Year Usage Calculation

PG&E will employ the base-year calculation method using the average usage at the service address (premise) during the last three years for December and January, if available, and apply a normalization adjustment for weather that is dependent on your PG&E climate zone and meter reading schedule. This will establish base year usage.

Weather Adjustment

PG&E will include a weather adjustment to base year usage to reflect the difference between current and base year Winter Gas Savings Program period temperatures (as measured by Heating Degree Days) so your conservation efforts can be more fairly measured. PG&E will adjust the base year usage to reflect colder or warmer weather as defined in the revised Schedule G-WGSP.5 This adjustment will also depend on your PG&E climate zone and meter reading schedule.

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