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Smart Thermostat Trial

Thank you for your interest in the Smart Thermostat Trial.
Enrollment for this trial is now closed.

What is the Smart Thermostat Trial?

Opower and Honeywell have partnered to create a smart thermostat solution, which allows utility customers to program and monitor heating and cooling energy usage, not just from the thermostat itself, but also via internet-connected devices like smartphones and computers. This solution also gives you the ability to create optimal thermostat schedules that fit your lifestyle and provides customized recommendations to help you trim your energy bills.

How are participants chosen?

The web enrollment system will randomly select who participates from eligible customers. All program participants must have the following qualifications:

  • Have both a PG&E electric and gas accounts.
  • Have an iPhone or Android mobile phone.
  • Have both central heating and cooling.
  • Do not have multi-zone heating and cooling or multiple thermostats.
  • Own a single family home, condo or townhouse.
  • Have broadband connection in the home with available port.
  • Must not have any plans to move in the next 12 months.
  • Not currently participating in PG&E’s SmartAC program, with a thermostat (SmartAC Switch Customers are eligible).
  • Live within one of the eligible zip codes (PDF, 43 KB).

If you meet the criteria above, you have a 1 in 2 chance of being selected. If you do not meet all of the eligibility requirements, you are not eligible to participate in the trial at this time. Because this is a trial, we are not able to grant participation to every household that qualifies.

How does the thermostat work?

Participants will be able to control and program their thermostat and monitor heating and cooling energy usage remotely via internet-connected devices like smartphone and computers. Customer will also be able to adjust the temperature at the thermostat itself, just like a regular thermostat. However participants will not be able to change a programmed schedule at the thermostat, as they must use the smartphone app or web tool to do so.

How can I save?

A programmable thermostat can help reduce your heating and cooling costs. You can save year round if you ensure your thermostat is set at the optimum program settings that match your lifestyle. You can also change your temperature setting and conserve energy, even while you’re away, through the use of the computer or the smartphone app. Setting your programmable thermostat to the highest comfortable temperature in the summer and lowest comfortable temperature in the winter can help you reduce your energy bill.

What are the estimated savings based on?

The estimated costs and savings calculations are based on average heating and air conditioning usage and utility billing rates in your area as provided by a third party. These are only estimations and are not a guarantee of energy or money savings from PG&E.

What other benefits does this trial provide?

The Smart Thermostat Pilot also benefits the community by helping to educate customers about energy use and energy efficiency.

How long will the trial last?

The trial is set to run initially for approximately 12 months, but may be extended if needed. If extended, participants will receive notification about the new duration and will have the opportunity to determine if they wish to continue participating or not. At the end of this trial phase, if PG&E decides to extend this solution to a broader set of customers, participants will have the option to continue participating. If PG&E discontinues the trial or participants choose to discontinue participation, they will be able to keep the Honeywell thermostat; however, the interactive features offered via the internet and smartphone will be deactivated.

Can I get this device for my other properties and/or business?

The Smart Thermostat Trial is only available for residential use at this time. Only a single thermostat is available for each customer participating.

How many devices can I use to access the smartphone app or website application?

Only a single wall-mounted thermostat is available for each program participant. You can install and access the mobile application from as many smartphones as you would like, but the application must be registered with the same username and password. Similarly, you can use the web application from any supported web browser on any computer. If more than one member of your household uses the application at the same time, the changes are preserved for the last person who saves their changes.

If I work from home or have a severe illness for which I have special temperature needs, can I still benefit from this program?

You will always have control of your thermostat, so you can set safe and comfortable temperatures that are suitable for your situation or lifestyle. An easy way to save energy is to lower your heating temperatures and raise your cooling temperatures when you are away. Depending on your personal needs, you may also be able to use more efficient temperatures while you are asleep.

Are there any safety or privacy concerns I should be aware of related to the Smart Thermostat Trial?

The Honeywell VisionPro thermostat used for the Smart Thermostat Trial was rigorously tested prior to being installed in customers’ homes. These devices go through numerous quality control checks by multiple parties, to ensure they meet a high level of customer safety, reliability, and satisfaction.

It is also PG&E’s top priority to protect our customers' information. We apply the same privacy protection standards to all data collected by the company from customers. We treat each customer's personal information and data as confidential, consistent with all regulatory requirements, including those established by the Public Utilities Commission. Therefore, be assured that your information is kept private.

Can I opt-out of this program?

The Smart Thermostat Trial is intended to help you gain awareness and better control your energy use and costs.

However, if you would like to stop participating in this program, please contact Customer Service at 1-888-660-5028 or during normal business hours to process your request. Please note that once you opt-out, we will not be able to add you back into the trial.

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