Home and Business Area Network

What is a Home and Business Area Network (HAN)?

PG&E provides customers the ability to wirelessly connect a ZigBee Smart Energy Profile (SEP) device to their electric SmartMeter™ to see their near real time energy usage information. A range of devices that can use or display this information in various ways are available, allowing customers to see, monitor, and control their energy usage. For details about the different device types, please see our Validated HAN Devices page - it is important to purchase a validated device because these have been tested and are more likely to work with PG&E's system.

In addition to showing how much electricity your home or business uses in near real-time, a Home and Business Area Network device can also provide:

  • The rate at which your home uses electricity.
  • Historical real-time energy use – helping you evaluate what events cause spikes in your consumption.
  • The biggest electricity draws on your home - many devices make it easy to identify the appliances that use the most energy, allowing you to determine if or when to use the appliance, whether to upgrade to a more energy efficient alternative. This can help lower energy use as well as reducing your bill each month.

To be eligible, customers must:

  1. Have an active PG&E service account.
  2. Have a HAN-compatible smart meter (incompatible meter types may need to be exchanged in order to participate).
  3. Be on an eligible residential or small/medium business rate.
  4. Have a strong network connection.

Our Frequently Asked Questions also has more information about setup, connecting devices, and troubleshooting.

Get Started with HAN

Certain factors may impact your ability to connect a device to your SmartMeter™. Here are helpful hints:

  • Your HAN device should be located within 75 feet of your SmartMeter™.
  • Make sure your device is powered on and in pairing mode, if necessary (review the device manual for instructions on how to connect it to a meter).
  • Enter the MAC address and install code carefully to make sure it's correct.
  • Certain types of wireless electronic devices operating on the same channel as your ZigBee SmartMeter™ (e.g. Wi-Fi router, microwave, baby monitor, cordless phone, etc) may interfere with the connection to your device.
  • Signal interference caused by some home construction materials or other obstacles between your SmartMeter™ may impact the connection to your device.

View a list of HAN devices that have been validated to work with your SmartMeter™.

To stay up to date with Home and Business Area Networking, join the HAN updates list.

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Additional Information

View Frequently Asked Questions.

Existing HAN pilot participants, please go to the HAN Pilot page

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