Variable-Speed Pool Pump Rebates

Please complete the Residential Rebate Application (PDF, 1 MB) and submit to PG&E, or apply onlline. All rebate program terms and conditions apply.

Multifamily properties should apply through the Multifamily Program.

PG&E will not be offering rebates to residential single family customers for two speed pumps purchased after January 1, 2010 due to California Title 20 Appliance Standards regulation.

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Variable-Speed Pool Pump Search

DISCLAIMER: PG&E does not recommend or endorse the vendors, or the products they offer. This information is provided simply as a convenience to customers who wish assistance in locating vendors. Customers are responsible for selecting the vendor they wish to use and are under no obligation to use these vendors or purchase their products. Vendors do not work for PG&E.

Please Note: All Variable-Speed must be accompanied by a qualifying controller.