Residential Direct Access Non-Continuous Service

1. Account Number

  • A new unique numeric customer account identifier. This account number will remain with a customer even if the customer relocates within the PG&E service territory. When you contact us, please provide us with this account number.

2. Bill Date

  • The "Bill Date" is the date the bill is processed.

3. Telephone Assistance

  • This is our main number, for fast, automated help or to speak to a customer service representative.

4. Local Office Address

  • The address of the utility office that serves your area.

6. Remittance Address

  • Please send payment to this address.

7. Service Dates

  • The dates used to calculate a bill inclusive of both the "Bill From" and "Bill To" Date.

8. Amount

  • This is the cost of gas and/or electricity that you used during a billing period.

9. Taxes

  • Energy Commission Tax (ECT) and Utility Users' Tax (UUT) are now displayed at the bill segment level and summarized on page 1 in the Account Summary Section.

    ECT - A tax we collect for the state of California based on the electric use during a billing period. This tax is $.00022 per kilo watt hour (kwh).

    Public Purpose Program Surcharge - If you are a gas customer, your bill includes a Gas Public Purpose Program (PPP) Surcharge, which is used to fund state-mandated gas assistance programs for low income customers, energy efficiency programs, and public-interest research and development.

    UUT - A tax we collect for a city or county government. The tax (if any) is a percentage of your energy charges.

10. Previous Balance

  • The amount of your previous bill that is still unpaid.

11. Payment

  • The payment amount(s) applied to your account since your last statement, and the dates we applied them.

12. Total Amount Due

  • This is the amount that you now owe, after we apply any taxes, adjustments and/or prior payments to your account.

13. Due Date

  • After this date, your payment would be past due.