August 2007 Bill Inserts

Each month, PG&E offers important information on rebates, saving energy and safety in printed inserts that accompany your bill. Now, access this information online whenever you wish.

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Look for this sticker for instant savings on CFLs.
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Your household my qualify for reduced rates.
See if PG&E's CARE or FERA program can help you save money on your bill

Power Content Label

California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) Program

provides a 20% discount on your monthly gas and electric bill for qualifying households.

Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA) Program

provides savings on your electric bill for large households of three or more persons with low-to middle-income.
For current income guidelines, eligibility requirements and applications.

Power Content Label

2006 CA
(For Comparison)
Eligible Renewable12%5%
  Biomass and waste   4%   <1%
  Geothermal  3%  4%
  Small hydroelectric  3%  <1%
  Solar  <1%  0%
  Wind  2%  <1%
Large Hydroelectric12%31%
Natural Gas49%35%

* At least 95% of PG&E Power Mix is from PG&E-owned resources, purchased from individual suppliers, or provided by the California Department of Water Resources.

** Percentages are estimated annually by the California Energy Commission based on electricity sold to California consumers during the previous year.

For specific information about this electricity product, contact PG&E. For general information about the Power Content Label, contact the California Energy Commission at 800.555.7794 or