Educational Resources

High School Students

Be an environmental champion! Win a contest! Learn about energy efficiency, safety and conservation. Decide whether a green career is right for you.

Energy Efficient Electronics

Check out our Electronics Buyer’s guide to find out if the gizmos and gadgets you’re buying are energy efficient.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Estimate your carbon footprint from the energy you use and the vehicle you drive. Are there ways you can reduce your impact on the environment?

Energy Analyzer Tools

How energy efficient is your home or school? Find out with these online tools.
School SmartEnergy Analyzer

PG&E can help you find a green pathway in college and beyond.

PG&E Scholarships

Since 2005, PG&E employee associations have granted $705,334 in scholarships to 397 college-bound students who have demonstrated academic achievements and community service.


Offered at community colleges throughout California, PG&E’s PowerPathway program trains and prepares individuals for high-demand positions at PG&E and throughout the energy sector. Learn more about PowerPathway.

Green Jobs

Energy and environment comprise some of the fastest growing job industries. In 2008, the Centers of Excellence launched a statewide effort to study green industries and occupations. Visit their website to learn more about the careers and job opportunities in this hot new field: Centers of Excellence for Green Jobs

Go green at your school

Learn how to set up a "green team" and get community support. Parents, teachers, students, and local businesses can help.

Solar Schools

This award-winning hands-on science program shows you how your everyday actions can impact the environment.

Give this to your Teachers and Parents

Help your teachers and parents. Print this flyer and give it to them

  • Call Before You Dig
  • PG&E's SmartMeter Program
  • eRebates