SmartMeter™ Device Demonstration

Traditional Residential Electric Meter
Traditional Residential
Electric Meter
SmartMeter™ Residential Electric Meter
SmartMeter™ Residential
Electric Meter

In 2010, we offered customers the opportunity to see how new SmartMeters™ performed next to their older, analog meters through side-by-side demonstrations. Nearly 600 customers signed up for the program.

The demonstrations helped customers understand that no two meters are exactly the same. Electric meters are calibrated to measure usage as accurately as possible; however, two meters performing side by side will have some small degree of variance.

Although we are no longer accepting new requests for side-by-side meter demonstrations, some customer demonstrations are still in progress.

For more information about how to read and understand your meter, see Reading Your SmartMeter™ Device and How to Read Analog Meters. For more information about your bill, please visit Understanding Your Electric Charges.

Learn about about the California Public Utility Commission’s independent report on SmartMeter™ technology.

Demonstration Results

Results of 2010 side-by-side meter demonstrations

View side-by-side meter readings recorded during 2010 meter demonstrations. Data is cumulative.

Data as of 12/14/2010
Data as of 12/07/2010
Data as of 11/30/2010
Data as of 11/23/2010

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SmartMeter™ Quality Assurance

PG&E is committed to accurate metering and billing for all customers.

  • We have extensive SmartMeter™ quality assurance measures, including a robust monitoring system.
  • SmartMeter™ systems are designed to look for and flag any meter performance or billing issues.
  • All PG&E SmartMeters™ are tested at the factory, spot-tested in the field and randomly tested after installation.
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