SmartMeter™ Program Data

PG&E distributes SmartMeter™ program data weekly. See below for the highlights or download the most recent SmartMeter™ Program Data (PDF, 24 KB).

SmartMeter™ Deployment Statistics

SmartMeter™ Deployment Statistics

These charts show the total Meters/Modules installed. The number is cumulative reported weekly.

SmartMeter™ Billing Statistics

SmartMeter™ Deployment Statistics

PG&E estimates monthly bills when billing cycle data is incomplete. The goal is 0% estimated bills.

SmartMeter™ Performance Statistics

Percent Total Intervals Received

Interval data supplied from SmartMeter™ systems for billing within 48 hours of expected delivery as a percentage of expected interval data.

Weekly Program Updates

PG&E releases data snapshots of the progress of its SmartMeter™ program. These snapshots are updated each week for the period ending approximately two weeks prior.

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