Ways to Save with Energy Alerts

While receiving alerts alone won’t decrease your energy costs, using Energy Alerts to influence your energy use can make a difference. Here are a few ways you can use Energy Alerts to understand and lower your monthly electricity bills.

Get to know your energy use

  • Learn how PG&E’s tiered rate structure affects your bill to understand how Energy Alerts help you manage it.
  • Monitor at what time you move into higher-priced tiers during the month. As you become familiar with when this happens, Energy Alerts will help you know when you’re using more or less energy than in other months.
  • Use Energy Alerts to monitor if the energy-saving efforts you’re making affect when you reach higher tiers during your billing cycle.
  • With Energy Alerts, you’ll know what price you’re paying for electricity.

Combine Energy Alerts with My Energy

  • If you receive an alert and are unsure of how you moved into a higher tier, view your energy use in My Energy. See how much electricity you’re using each day, and even each hour, to help understand why.
  • Know what your estimated charges for electric use will be before you receive your bill at the end of the month and make changes to your energy use to affect the outcome. Use Energy Alerts to monitor your progress along the way.
  • See on which days you use more energy than others to understand why your energy use may increases or decrease, like running extra loads of laundry, having guests over, or being out for the day.
  • Discover where your energy goes by experimenting with appliances around the house and tracking the difference with My Energy. You may be surprised by how much or how little certain appliances in your home use. Get a head start at the Understand Your Energy Use page.

Use Energy Alerts to make smart decisions

  • If you know the cost of electricity has gone up because you’ve received an alert, you can choose to take greater energy-saving steps until the end of your billing cycle, such as raising your air conditioner’s (AC) setting by at least four degrees higher, using fans while decreasing AC use, and line-drying clothes instead of using the dryer.
  • Decrease the amount of energy you use in higher tiers at the end of your billing cycle by making small changes throughout the month, such as unplugging small household appliances to avoid standby power, closing windows and drapes during the day to keep cool air in, and barbequing rather than using the oven.
  • For additional energy-saving tips you can use with Energy Alerts, visit PG&E’s Energy Savings Tips page.
  • Learn about other PG&E programs and products designed to help you save energy and money.

For More Information

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      Energy Usage Tools

      • Understand your electric charges

        Understand your electric charges

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      • Understand Your Energy Use

        Understand Your Energy Use

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      • Log Into My Energy

        Track energy use online

        See your energy use by month, by day, by the hour.
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      The SmartMeter™ program offers PG&E customers more control over their energy use and costs.

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