Getting Smart about Energy Use

Key tips

We all understand the importance of better energy use. Here are some tips customers shared to get the most out of what they use:

  • When using energy, think ahead and use only what you need.
  • Only keep lights on while you are in the room and they are in use.
  • Before leaving the house, unplug nonessential appliances and electronic devices.

As one customer in the video puts it, “We’re caretakers of this planet.” While this may seem like a lofty statement, there are simple things you can do to use energy more efficiently.

We have a comprehensive list of energy savings tips for your home.

More power to you

What You Can Learn

We all know conserving energy is better for our environment. SmartMeter™ technology can help you see what you are using, so you only use the energy you really need.

Making the Most of SmartMeter™ Technology

You’d be surprised how easy it is to make the energy you use go farther with SmartMeter™ data. Pinpointing your use down to the hour or day can help you understand when to use energy more efficiently.

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