Meter Reading Information for Residential Customers

Safety First

If you own a dog, for the safety of our meter readers please secure your dog. Please secure your dog one day before and one day after the read date.

Alternative Meter-Reading Methods

If access to your meter(s) is not available due to locked gates, a hazardous condition, or family pets, the following are alternative meter- reading methods that may be considered.

Customer's Key

We'll maintain, under control and security of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company meter-reading department, your personal key(s) for access to your meter. Key(s) will be used only by authorized personnel.

Lock Box

If you have multiple meters at one location, Pacific Gas and Electric Company can install a lock box — free of charge — to hold the key that provides access to your meters. Only authorized Pacific Gas and Electric Company personnel will have access to your key in the lock box.

Plastic Card (*Self-Read Method)

For this alternative method, you must apply for the Self-Read Method. The meter-reading department in your area will determine if your account will benefit from this method. If approved, our meter- reading department will contact you.

If you use the plastic card, a meter reader must read your meters every six months to verify accuracy. You must provide access on the verify- meter-reading date as well as a few days before and after the date.

* The Self-Read Method is not available for customers with Time-Of-Use meters.

If you have questions about alternative meter-reading methods or other billing questions, call 1 (800) 743-5000.