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Tree Branch Photograph

If a tree must be pruned or removed, what happens?

When our inspection staff identifies necessary tree pruning or power pole clearing work to be performed on your property, you will be notified either in person or by an information card left at your door. State law mandates that we maintain our lines, and keep them safe and hazard-free. If a tree must be removed we will inform you of that fact in writing. In the event of an emergency situation we will take the appropriate action to make the situation safe. If you have concerns about work being done on your property, please call 1-800-PGE-5000.

Aren't you trespassing if you come onto my property?

PG&E’s facilities are typically located within utility easements on private property or within public rights of ways adjoining private property. PG&E has a right to maintain its facilities within easements and the public rights of way, such as a road or highway. In addition, as a condition of electric service to your home, you must allow the Company and it’s contractors to have access to your property for maintenance to the service facilities at all reasonable times. PG&E requires access to our facilities, as necessary, to properly maintain our facilities and keep your community safe. If you have questions concerning PG&E’s access, call 1-800-PGE-5000.

How are your staff and contractors identified?

All of our staff and contractors should have photo identification.

How can I help?

Dogs and locked gates are major hazards that our personnel encounter in the field everyday. Please contact us with your information so we can safely access your property. For the safety of our field staff, please secure your dog while we are working in the area.