FERA for Residential Single-Family

How long does the discount last?

You will receive the discount for two years.  Three months before your discount expires, you will receive a letter and recertification application from PG&E giving you the opportunity to reapply if you still qualify under the current program guidelines.

Do I have to show proof of income when I apply?

Proof of income is not required during the application process.  However, you may be randomly selected for income verification at a later date.

How soon will the discount take effect?

The FERA discount will appear on your bill after the completion of a full billing cycle.

How will I know when the discount has been applied to my bill?

On the left side of the first page of your bill under "Special Account information" it will state "FERA Discount". Also, the Electric Account Detail section lists the FERA discount as a separate line item whenever your usage is above 130 percent of baseline.

If my family shares a meter with another home, can both of our households apply together?

No. Each family must be separately metered in order to receive a FERA discount.

If my family has been denied FERA benefits before, how soon can we re-apply?

Pacific Gas and Electric Company encourages families to re-apply whenever their income situation changes. Income guidelines change in June of each year.

If I am currently on CARE, can I also apply for FERA?

No. Both programs are mutually exclusive. You can apply for FERA when your income meets the FERA income guidelines.

If I am currently on FERA, can I also apply for CARE?

No. Both programs are mutually exclusive. You can apply for CARE when your income meets the CARE income guidelines.

If you have additional questions, please call the FERA program at 1-800-PGE-5000 or e-mail CAREandFERA@pge.com.