Kilowatt hours and therms are found under 'charges' on your PG&E bill

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PG&E Carbon Footprint Calculator

What can I do to reduce my carbon footprint?

Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs
(Avoid 34 lbs CO2 per bulb per year)
Install energy-efficient clothes washer
(Avoid 260 lbs CO2 per year)
Purchase energy-efficient water heater
(Avoid 120 lbs CO2 per year)
Install high-efficiency central furnace
(Avoid 1,000 lbs CO2 per year)
Install solar electric panels
(Avoid 3,300 lbs CO2 per year)
Make your next car a hybrid-electric vehicle
(Avoid 2,900 lbs CO2 per year)

Your carbon footprint is:

0 lbs CO2 per year (estimated*)
You save 0 lbs. CO2 per year

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*Information on how these calculations are made can be found on the last page.