California Solar Initiative—Statistics; Measurement and Evaluation; Research, Demonstration and Deployment

Program Statistics

Measurement and Evaluation Reports

The California Solar initiative (CSI) program conducts regular reporting to evaluate, measure and verify the impact of the program and its processes to provide reliable information for decision makers, resource planners and program implementers, as well as the Program Administrators and the California Public Utilities Commission. For more information, please visit our Measurement and Evaluation page.

Research, Demonstration and Deployment

As part of the CSI program, up to $50 million has been made available to fund Research, Demonstration and Deployment (RD&D) projects to help achieve the CSI's goal of a sustainable solar industry by 2016. The RD&D program is managed by Itron. More information, including grant solicitation dates and focus areas, can be found on the CalSolarResearch Web site.