CSI Documents—Business Customers Less Than 10kW

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Reservation Request Documents

Reservation Request Form with CSI Program Contract (Rev 07/15/2009) (XLS, 201 KB)

Copy of Signed Energy Efficiency Disclosure Form (DOC, 45 KB)

Copy of Signed Commitment Agreement (EPBB Existing Commercial buildings greater than 100,00 sq ft and Benchmarking <75 [Proof of Benchmarking Documentation required]) (DOC, 27 KB)

Incentive Claim Documents

Incentive Claim Form (Rev 07/15/2009) (XLS, 119 KB)

Final Project Cost Breakdown Worksheet (Rev 04/10/2007) (XLS, 40 KB)

Signed Field Verification Certification Form(for Reservation Request Applications received on or after 7/1/09)

Other Solar Electric Generating Technologies

Reservation request form and guidelines specific to other solar electric generating technologies

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