Promote Continuous Energy Improvement within Your Organization

PG&E has the tools and resources to help you save more money and maximize the benefits of a continuous improvement process in energy management.

Are you ready?

Is your leadership requiring you to reduce energy cost?

Is your company prepared to allocate resources to energy management?

Does your company have experience with process improvement programs such as Lean Six Sigma, ISO 9001 or 14001?

Has your company allocated additional resources for workforce development and educational training?

Learn more about Continuous Energy Improvement (PDF, 210 KB).

Continuous Energy Improvement follows a six-step process to guide you in creating a roadmap for implementing the best practices of energy management throughout your organization:

Step 1: Commit

No matter the size of an organization, a common success factor in Continuous Energy Improvement is to have senior management demonstrate a commitment by signing a formal energy policy and setting goals.

The commitment entails dedicating resources and time to energy management.

Step 2: Assess

Find out your building score - Automated Benchmarking Service
Our Automated Benchmarking Service (ABS) allows you to benchmark your building against others and monitor your monthly energy usage data with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager. Continuously measure and track your energy performance online and start saving with low cost and no cost actions – (Energy Reduction Strategies). Learn about ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager and register for an account. Find out if you are eligible.

Identify improvement opportunities – Energy Audit
Request an energy audit with your PG&E representative or call our Business Customer Service Center at 1-800-468-4743. A technical specialist will conduct an assessment to determine your optimal energy savings plan by analyzing your current energy use and identifying savings opportunities.

Step 3: Plan

Create an energy action plan with clear goals and deliverables to drive towards continuous improvement – Develop a Strategic Energy Management Plan that details the 90 days, 120 day and 1 year activities for implementation and set energy goals that are clear, measurable and realistic at the appropriate level. Identify key performance indicators that can help you track and measure your goals to gauge your facility’s on-going energy performance

Step 4: Project Implementation

Execute the plan, drive towards the goal – PG&E offers numerous energy management solutions, including technical advice, cash rebates and financial incentives. To take advantage of these programs, proceed to the Rebates and Incentives tab. You can also contact your PG&E representative or call our Business Customer Service Center at 1-800-468-4743.

Step 5: Build Awareness and Reward Achievement

Sustain your results - Empower Ownership, Build Morale and Recognize Actions - Building awareness across your organization helps ensure that employees take responsibility for energy management.

Step 6: Evaluate and Adjust Plan

Evaluate progress on plan goals and adjust your plan based on performance – Periodically review your goals, objectives and resource commitment to adjust your plan.

Consider PG&E Part of Your Energy Management Team

PG&E is your trusted energy advisor in helping you to implement a continuous energy improvement process and develop a long-term strategic energy management plan. We can help you with a comprehensive solution, including design and implementation of the most energy-efficient systems, and equipment for your new or existing premises.

By adopting the Continuous Energy Improvement approach, you can achieve significant and sustainable savings in energy use and cost.

The first step is for us to get to know you. We want to know your specific goals, needs and concerns for your organization. Once we do, we can align your energy plan with your regular business plans and support a customized, strategic energy management plan for your business.

In addition to design and technical support, we provide financial incentives (including rebates and other financial options) to improve your return on investment in new construction, retrofit, retro commissioning and renewable projects. We also provide incentives for Demand Response.

To find out which of PG&E’s programs for commercial, industrial and agricultural customers is best suited for you, contact your PG&E representative or call our Business Customer Service Center at 1-800-468-4743.

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