Demand Bidding Program (DBP)

The Demand Bidding Program (DBP) is a relatively low-risk demand response program that pays you an incentive to reduce your electric load during program events. This day-ahead program allows you to submit load reduction bids on an hourly basis for any event without a financial penalty.

Program Summary

Program terms when you enroll:

  • Day-ahead notice by 12:00 noon;
  • Require a minimum load reduction bid of 10 kW for two consecutive hours;
  • Incentive payment of $0.50/kWh for qualifying load reduction; up to a maximum of 150%;
  • No penalty for failure to reduce energy during any or all hours of an event;
  • Each participant will be assigned to a Load Zone.

PG&E may issue a day-ahead event notification under one or more of the following conditions:

  • The CAISO day-ahead load forecast exceeds 43,000 MW;
  • The CASIO issues an Alert or higher level notice;
  • The forecasted temperature for a Load Zone exceeds the temperature threshold for that Load Zone; or
  • PG&E, in its sole opinion, forecasts that generation resources or electric system capacity may not be adequate.

PG&E reserves the right not to call a DBP event when these conditions are reached.

Temperature Threshold

PG&E may call you to curtail when the forecasted temperature for your load zone is expected to exceed the threshold shown in the table below. However, PG&E reserves the right not to call you when the temperature is exceeded or resources are adequate.

Load ZoneTemperature Threshold (°F)
Central Coast (SLAP_PGCC)94
East Bay (SLAP_PGEB)100
Fresno (SLAP_PGF1)106
Geysers (SLAP_PGFG)98
Humboldt (SLAP_PGHB)102
Los Padres (SLAP_PGLP)106
North Bay (SLAP_PGNB)94
North Coast (SLAP_PGNC)102
North Valley (SLAP_PGNV)108
Peninsula (SLAP_PGP2)94
Sacramento Valley (SLAP_PGSA)102
San Francisco (SLAP_PGSF)86
San Joaquin (SLAP_PGSN)104
Sierra (SLAP_PGSI)104
South Bay (SLAP_PGSB)94
Stockton (SLAP_PGST)104
Default (DLAP_PGAE)100

Qualifying for DBP

To qualify for DBP, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Bundled service, Direct Access (DA) or Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) customer;
  • Billed on an electric demand time-of-use rate schedule (Schedules AG-R, AG-V, NEMCCSF, or S are ineligible);
  • Billed maximum demand of 50 kW or greater during any one of the past 12 months;
  • Reduce a minimum of 10 kW for at least two consecutive hours;
  • Cannot commit more than 50% of their average peak load to the Program if you are an essential customer;
  • Must have access to the Internet and an email address to receive event notifications;
  • Must have a cellular telephone capable of receiving text messages via the Internet; and
  • Must have an interval meter or SmartMeter™ capable of recording usage in 15-minute or shorter intervals and read remotely by PG&E.

Metering Requirements

You must meet the following metering requirement:

  • Must have an interval meter or SmartMeter™ capable of recording usage in 15-minute or shorter intervals and read remotely by PG&E.

If your facility does not have an interval meter or a SmartMeter™ with network capability and demands less than 200 kW, then you can do one of the following:

  • Wait for a SmartMeter™; or
  • Pay the costs for the interval meter.


Incentive payments for load reductions begin upon achieving 50 percent of bids and capped at 150 percent for each hour of the event. There is no penalty for not achieving load reductions. Your regular electric service bill will continue to be calculated each month based on your actual recorded monthly demands and energy usage.

  • Receive a credit equal to the qualified load reductions achieved for each hour of the event;
  • Incentive rate is $0.50/kW per hour; and
  • Incentive payment applied to your bill within three months after the event.

Enroll Online

Gather your recent PG&E bill, locate the Account Number, Service Agreement ID and meter number and enroll by submitting an application using PG&E’s Online Enrollment System. The System will track and manage your application.


Dual Participation

If you are enrolled in one of the following PG&E Demand Response programs, you may participate in the DBP if eligibility criteria are met:

  • Aggregator Managed Portfolio (AMP) Day-of; or
  • Base Interruptible Program (E-BIP); or
  • Capacity Bidding Program (E-CBP) Day-of; or
  • Optional Binding Mandatory Curtailment (OBMC) Program.

For details, review the Dual Participation fact sheet (PDF, 501 KB).

Additional Information

For more information about how your business may benefit from the Demand Bidding Program (DBP) and our other Demand Response programs, contact your PG&E Customer Relationship Manager or call our Business Customer Service Center at 1-800-468-4743.

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