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PG&E's First Responder Portal is being redesigned in a new, secure and highly available platform. The new application is scheduled to be launched in early January 2017 and will have the same web address -

PG&E is taking steps to enhance public safety partnerships with the first responders who help keep communities safe. PG&E works closely with first responders—police, firefighters and emergency medical technicians (EMTs)—to make sure they have the information needed to protect the public and respond safely in the event of a natural gas or electric emergency.

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PG&E offers first responders free resources such as training seminars and educational materials to help prepare for a natural gas or electric emergency. These education materials are a great way for training officers and first responders to keep current on the latest response tactics and natural gas and electric safety practices.

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Police, firefighters and EMTs are the first to arrive at the scene of an emergency. If a natural gas or electric hazard is present, PG&E wants to ensure that first responders are prepared to respond safely to these potentially dangerous situations.

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If you are an authorized first responder from an outside agency, you can access PG&E gas transmission information by logging in.
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