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A-6 Eligibility for NEM E-19 Mandatory Customers

Effective August 13, 2015

New customers and additional load from existing customers may not be added to the A6 pilot.

The Solar Community and PG&E have reached an agreement to allow Commercial Net Energy Metered (NEM) customers to avoid demand charges by participating in a new pilot program. The program raises the maximum allowable demand for rate schedule A-6 eligibility from 499 to 999 kilowatts for customers who install a solar photovoltaic (PV) system that meets 20 percent of their account’s maximum demand.

The program is limited to the first 20 megawatts (MW) of the PV-system capacity specified in the customer's Permission to Operate letter.

There currently is no space left in the 20 MW program cap. New applications to be interconnected under the pilot program, that are received by PG&E's Generation Interconnection Services, will be placed on a wait list. Should any projects that have qualified for a spot in the 20 MW queue drop out of the queue, then the next applicant would have an opportunity to be placed in the queue as long as its project size is less than that of the project that had dropped out of the queue.

Participation Requirements

1. Inverter size is at least 20 percent of the account’s maximum demand before solar offsets. Demand will be measured during the most recent 12 months from the time your application is submitted.

2. A request is made in time to qualify the account under the program’s 20 MW cap.

About A-6

Although E-19 NEM service is generally more beneficial above 499 kW, service on A-6 NEM may result in a lower electric rate schedule, depending on your business and solar usage characteristics. While Schedule E-19 is based on time-of-use demand and energy charges, A-6 has time-of-use energy charges but no demand charges. PG&E analyzed over a dozen existing E-19 accounts with qualifying solar generation at their facilities and found that most of those accounts are still better off on E-19. We encourage you to carefully evaluate whether this special option will be of benefit, given your company’s particular circumstances.

Changing to A-6

If you are interested in changing your rate schedule to A-6, contact your PG&E account representative (if applicable) or PG&E Generation Interconnection Services project manager when you apply to interconnect your photovoltaic system with PG&E. PG&E’s rules generally do not allow customers who change rate schedules to switch rate schedules again within the next 12 months.