Expanded NEM – Net Energy Metering

Expanded NEM is a Net Energy Metering program for residential, commercial, agricultural, or industrial solar, wind or hybrid systems that are 1 megawatt or less and do not qualify for Standard NEM or Wind Energy Co-Metering. Remember that you cannot interconnect your system with the grid until you have been authorized in writing by PG&E.

Recent Interconnection News
02/20/2014Load Aggregation Approved Under the NEM Tariff (PDF, 257 KB)
01/31/2011Solar Inverter Recall
10/22/2010A6 Pilot Program Update -- Limited Space for New Applicants

What is the application process?

Here are the application components:

Item RequestedPurpose
Rule 21 Non-Export Online Application (Form 79-974)Provides important customer, contractor and system information about the project.

Note: If applying for an incentive through the California Solar Initiative, equipment information submitted on the Interconnection Agreement and the Incentive Claim Form must match. If there is a discrepancy, additional information will be requested before the incentive payment is made.
Rule 21 Non-Export Online Application (Supplemental Application Form 79-998)Provides alternating current disconnect information and notifies PG&E of potential access issues.
Interconnection Agreement Form 79-978Legal contract between PG&E and the customer outlining each party’s responsibilities.
NEM Load Aggregation Appendix Form 79-1153Applicable only to eligible customers applying under NEM Aggregation. The Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 440 KB) document covers additional information for you to effectively manage your NEM Aggregation project.
Single Line DrawingSingle-line diagram showing applicable equipment (generating units, step-up transformers, auxiliary transformers, switches/disconnects and required protection devices/circuit breakers).
Declarations Page of Home Owner InsuranceProvides PG&E with information about your level of insurance coverage (if any).
Signed Off Building PermitIndicates that the project has been finished and approved by local building authority.
Authorization to Receive Customer Information or Act on a Customer’s Behalf (PDF, 72 KB)

Variance Request
Required if a third party is to handle application process. This gives the third party (usually the contractor) temporary authorization to act on the customer’s behalf and receive confidential customer information. Required for third party to receive a copy of customer’s Permission to Operate.

The Customer or Customer’s Contractor can request a Variance Request from PG&E if the project is unable to meet the requirements described in the Distribution Interconnection Handbook and Greenbook. Please see the Application for NEM Interconnection for further details on Variance Request components.

Attention: PG&E may not be able to interconnect your generator if it is located in certain areas of San Francisco or Oakland. Please read our notice about Secondary Networks.

To expedite the application process we suggest you to apply via our Rule 21 Non-Export Online Application and submit Single Line Diagram as soon as possible, even before your system is built. This will allow PG&E’s engineers to review your proposed system and, if necessary, request modifications which may alter the total cost of your project.

Here is the application process timeline:

Project PhaseRequired documentationTime Frame
Engineering Review Apply via our Rule 21 Non-Export Online Application and Submit Single Line DrawingTypically up to 15 business days from receipt of documents
Final Inspection Engineering approval, Net Energy Metering Agreement Form 79-978, Signed off Building Permit (finished project approved by local inspectors), Copy of Declarations Page of Home Owner Insurance.PG&E is required to perform the final inspection within 30 working days of a complete application. You or your authorized representative will be contacted to set up an appointment for inspection.
Interconnection Approved, Contract & Permission to Operate Letter Sent to Customer by PG&E.Confirmation by PG&E inspectors that project passed inspection.Typically within 3 business days of notification that your project passed inspection.